Chad Talbot

Mental Health Professional, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor

License: LADC
Year Joined: 2023
Years of Experience:
Undergraduate School: Crown College
Undergraduate Degree: BS Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests:

My interest is helping people who struggle with co-occuring disorders, addressing both substance use and mental health. I don't believe you can address one without addressing the other. It's an amazing privilege and honor to walk alongside someone and help them get unstuck. As well as being licensed as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, My education and clinical background is also in mental health. I have experience as a mental health therapist, treating clients who struggle with mental health. I am pre-licensed for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.

Clinical Approach:

I am person centered and take a non-judgemental, acceptance stance for my clients. I maintain curiosity, listening to my clients stories for their strengths as well as their struggles and how I can join with them to help them write a better, more empowering story for their lives. I use Motivational Interviewing, CBT, Narrative, as well as teaching DBT skills. I'll meet you where you're at and walk alongside of you through your journey to wellness.


I enjoy spending time outdoors as well as indoors. I feel my best with a guitar or a good book in my hands or when I'm hiking in the woods, out on the lake or connecting with friends and family for a laugh or food.