Colleen Nielsen

Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Colleen Nielsen
License: CPRSR II
Year Joined: 2022
Years of Experience:

Clinical Interests:

Peer Recovery Specialists (PRS) helps the patient become ready and willing to seek treatment (if needed) and enter recovery by helping the person explore their options for recovery. PRS uses Motivational Interviewing, offer insight, and help patients as they become whole, resourceful, and capable of choosing what is best for them.

PRS provides one-to-one meetings for education; advocacy; mentoring through self-disclosure of personal recovery experiences. Also, accompanying the patients to appointments that support recovery; assistance accessing resources to obtain housing, employment, education, and advocacy services; and nonclinical recovery support to assist the transition from treatment into the recovery community.

PRS use a strengths-based approach helping patients find and utilize their values, assets, and strengths while supporting them in achieving success.

Clinical Approach:

A PRS uses a non-clinical approach that helps patents discover their strengths and develop their own unique recovery goals. The PRS models wellness, personal responsibility, self-advocacy and hopefulness through appropriate sharing of his or her story. PRS is not a sponsor or a therapist but rather a role model, mentor, advocate, and motivator.


My passion of movies comes from my grandfather who was a character actor for Warner Brothers. He made over 300 movies and television. I just love watching behind the scenes and documentaries of movies. Also, being in nature helps me with my mental health and recovery.